Demystifying Technology – An Inclusive Approach

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I have been thinking a lot about technology and the age-old conversation around digital transformation over the past couple of weeks. With the in-person events season kicking into gear and all those familiar smiling faces popping up across LinkedIn, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of new faces arriving on the scene. The recent InsurTech NY event was incredibly well attended by faces old and new. The word of InsurTech is continuing its global expansion.

I also can’t help but feel that we need to continue bringing the conversation around technology and innovation to a broader audience. In my day-to-day world as a CTO, I have frequent conversations with folks across the industry who are struggling to move from paper to digital, let alone discuss the intricacies of a Blockchain platform. The excitement that modern technology brings to the table is delivered in equal measure with fear and anxiety around where and how to get started.

Many companies out there are still working on website v.1.0, often resembling something from the early 90s, as opposed to the multi-channel experience that ought to be table stakes in 2022.

When I look back at the early days of InsurTech, the excitement around digital and innovative thinking was palpable. Here we all were at this amazing event in Las Vegas, collectively solutioning for the future of insurance. We were going to change the world and fix it all! Fast forward a few years and here we are, still driving change, a continuous journey of improvement, yet the conversation is deeper and the audience far broader. 

Yet, as much as InsurTech is bringing innovative thinking on a global scale, it sometimes feels that we are in danger of creating an ivory tower, with a huge pool of talent out there who are perhaps a little disconnected, still peering in through the window.

Through every action, it is imperative that we continue to think about the people, the companies and potential partners who are not quite where they want to be with their technology and innovation landscape. With so many skilled people continuing to leave the industry, it is up to all of us to make sure the solutions that we build and the platforms that we deliver cater to not only the tech-savvy, but also to the large group of people who are perhaps lost, confused, and haven’t got a clue where to start or what to do. Digital transformation can be scary, so let’s continue to make sure we are bringing as many people along this incredible journey as we can.

At Care Bridge International, we launched our own Walk, Run, Sprint method to address this very need. We have strived to provide channels of integration that align with where the customer is on their own respective digital transformation journey.

A key part of delivering on that message is understanding where and how to leverage people, process, technology, and data across the customer value chain. For customers who are perhaps a little behind with their own technology landscape, we can integrate with a people-centric approach. Walking with them as they get started on their digital journey.

For customers who are a little further along on that path, we recently launched our API platform – making our entire stack of analytic powered products available for the first time via an API.

The result? To not only streamline and make integration with our suite of medical forecasting reserve products more affordable overall, but to also help settle claims 6-8 months faster, facilitate accurate claims handling and help drive down friction across the claims value chain. 

For any successful digital transformation initiative, meeting the customer where they want to be met is key.

Comparing Care Bridge International’s people, process and technology augmented platform to conventional service providers, our platform can deliver better outcomes and save you 40-70% or more in medical costs for bodily injury claims and help you settle 6-8 months faster!

Where are you on your own digital journey?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Our concierge team is here to guide you and help you on your way.

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Chris Frankland
Chief Innovation & Technology Officer