CMS’ New WCRC Transition and How It Affects You

On September 1, 2017, CMS awarded a new contract to Capitol Bridge, LLC, an Arlington, VA company, for the Workers' Compensation Review Contractor (WCRC).  The purpose of this contractor arrangement is to independently price the future Medicare-covered medical treatment and costs, including prescription drugs, related ...
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The Frustrating World of Conditional Payments

By: Ben Pugh, Esquire Medicare currently uses two contractors to collect conditional payments, the Commercial Repayment Center (CRC) and the Benefits Coordination and Recovery Center (BCRC).  The typical situation involves one of these contractors insisting on reimbursement for an item that is not related to ...
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The Passing of the Baton: MSP Commercial Repayment Center Contractor Transition

By Patricia Rapson, RN, CCM, CNLCP®, CLCP, LNCC, MSCC      Director of Clinical Services Today change is in the air as Performant Recovery, Inc. prepares to take the helm as the new MSP Commercial Repayment Center Contractor with CMS. Town Hall presentations were held via ...
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2017 Year in Review

By Deborah Watkins, CEO, Founder and Jim Paugh, SVP, Co-Founder As a women majority owned business, we take pride in our selection of high quality people and partnerships whom have created an impressive culture of collaboration, innovation and integrity. We began our year with the ...
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Triple Damages and More Uncertainty over LMSAs

by Ben Pugh, JD, Fidelity Fiduciary, LLC and Deborah Watkins, CEO, Care Bridge International, Inc For those of us in the Medicare compliance industry, terms and codes can be confusing. There are two different statutes that can impact a primary payer/ responsible reporting entity (RRE) ...
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